Internal Resorption


Internal resorption is a very rare condition that often occurs after dental trauma. In every tooth we have cells called odontoblasts that create dentin and keep our teeth strong and healthy. Sometimes these cells can go haywire and erode the tooth from the inside out. This condition- internal resorption can only be detected with dental x-rays and a 3-D Cone Beam CT. Internal resorption can be stopped with a targeted procedure.

To prevent breakage, we need to stop these damaging cells from continuing. A small hole is drilled, and the root canal system is cleaned. Calcium hydroxide is then placed in the tooth. This creates an alkaline environment that inactivates the harmful cells.

After we are able to ensure that the rogue cells have been eliminated, we fill the root canal space with gutta percha – just like a traditional root canal – and restore your tooth’s strength and health.

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