1. Surgical Microscope

All our procedures are performed under a microscope to ensure complete removal of diseased tissue, including caries, so teeth can be restored to optimal health. It allows for visualization of the internal anatomy of the canals to ensure complete removal of diseased tissue.

2. Apex Locator

An electronic apex locator is an electronic device used in endodontics determine the position of the apical constriction and thus determine the length of the root canal space. The apex of the root has a specific resistance to electrical current, and this is measured using a pair of electrodes typically hooked into the lip and attached to an endodontic file. The electronic principle is relatively simple and is based on electrical resistance; when a circuit is complete (tissue is contacted by the tip of the file), resistance decreases markedly and current suddenly begins to flow. Various devices signal this event by a beep, a buzz, a flashing light, digital readouts, or a pointer on a dial. Apex locator results in fewer radio graphs needed for a procedure. This means less radiation for our patients.

3. 3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography

We are able to see, exactly what the anatomy of what a tooth is like 3 dimensionally before we start a procedure.

4. Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography reduces radiation by over 80% and produces immediate images that can be zoomed in upon to see issues in more detail. We are an all digital office.

5. Nitrous Oxide

NEW!!! For the comfort of our nervous or anxious patients, we do offer Nitrous Oxide (a.k.a. laughing gas) in both our Clermont and Lake Mary offices. Should you need something to help you relax, this service is available to all of our patients, as long as there are no restrictions indicated by medical history.

6. iPod & Bluetooth Headphones

An iPod allows patients to listen to music or watch a video during a procedure.
iPod touch features an apple-designed A8 chip built on 64-bit architecture.
The M8 motion coprocessor continually measures physical motion from advanced sensors, including a gyroscope and accelerometer.
iPod touch has a 4-inch retina display, so all your fun has a beautiful canvas

5. Dental Vibe

NEW!!! The DentalVibe is a unique tool that can help alleviate dental fear and anxiety, allowing you to get the dental treatment you need to stay healthy. The DentalVibe provides gentle vibration to the site of the dental injection. This vibration overloads the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain so that you don’t register the pain or discomfort from the injection. The sound of the vibration creates an added distraction, and the vibration also helps disperse the anesthesia once it’s injected so that it can work even faster.

Patients who experience an injection with the DentalVibe are often unaware when the injection actually occurs. The DentalVibe is especially helpful in reducing dental fear among children. In fact, many patients have said that if such a tool had been available when they were younger, their dental fears would never have begun.


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