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Our state of the art dental facility is conveniently located in Orlando. Our endodontists and dental staff take every measure possible to provide a calming, caring, and compassionate atmosphere during your root canal treatment and are devoted to saving your natural teeth with today’s most advanced and proven technology and endodontic (root canal) procedures and treatment.

Our Orlando, FL location proudly serves patients from Oak Ridge and Conway.

Services offered in our Orlando dental office:

  • Consultation 
  • Non-surgical root canal therapy
  • Non-surgical root canal retreatment
  • Apicoectomy (Endodontic Surgery)
  • Internal Resorption
  • Single Tooth Internal Bleaching 
  • Apexogenesis
  • External Resorption
  • Apexification

Root Canal and Endodontic Specialist in Orlando, FL

Advanced Endodontics provides endodontic services in Orlando, Florida. To learn more, call 407-553-2855 to schedule an appointment. 

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is a specialization within the field of dentistry that primarily focuses on the soft tissue inside the teeth, called the dental pulp. The pulp contains blood vessels and nerves that sustain the life of the tooth. When bacteria invades the soft pulp due to decay or damage to the enamel, an infection can develop that must be treated in order to save the tooth.

Endodontic Services We Offer in Orlando, FL

We provide the following endodontic treatments and procedures: 

  • Consultation/Evaluation. The first step in endodontic treatment is a consultation and evaluation in order for us to assess your current dental health and create an individualized plan for treatment. 
  • Non-surgical root canal therapy. A basic root canal procedure is the process of removing the dental pulp from inside of a tooth and replacing it with composite material to treat or prevent infection. 
  • Non-surgical root canal retreatment. In rare cases a root canal procedure is unsuccessful and the tooth can become reinfected. This can happen if there is a portion of the root canal that is difficult to see or if a new canal forms in a tooth. A repeat root canal procedure may be needed in this case. 
  • Apicoectomy (Endodontic Surgery). Sometimes the access point for bacteria to invade a tooth is through the root. The treatment for this requires surgery, a procedure called an apicoectomy. The procedure requires entry beneath the gum tissue to remove the tip of the tooth root and replace it with a protective cap to keep bacteria out. 
  • Internal Resorption. In rare cases the root of a tooth may start to break down or dissolve from the inside. It may be caused by a dental trauma of some kind. We provide treatment for internal resorption that may be able to save the tooth.
  • External Resorption. In other cases the tooth roots break down or dissolve from the outside. We also provide treatment for external resorption with the hope of saving the tooth. 
  • Single Tooth Internal Bleaching. An infected tooth can sometimes become discolored, turning gray or brown from the inside. Single tooth internal bleaching whitens a tooth from the inside out to remove the stains. 
  • Apexogenesis. When the roots of a tooth don’t develop properly, apexogenesis is a procedure that can encourage growth and development of the tooth roots. 
  • Apexification. Apexification focuses on the tip of the tooth root (apex), providing a barrier that will allow the apex to develop its own protective layer. 

Why Choose Advanced Endodontics in Orlando, FL?

When you need specialized care beyond general dentistry for an infected tooth or another endodontic matter, Advanced Endodontics in Orlando, FL can provide you with the individualized treatment you need. We carefully assess the endodontic health of your teeth and work closely with your general dentist to treat your specific issues and restore the health of your teeth. It is our goal to save your teeth whenever possible to avoid tooth loss or extraction. We have the expertise necessary to handle even the most complex cases in a caring and compassionate environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Endodontics

What causes an infected tooth?

For a tooth to become infected, there must be an access point for the bacteria to enter the inner root canal of the tooth to infect the pulp. This could be a deep cavity, a crack in a tooth, or damage to the tooth root under the gums. A filling or a root canal performed at the right time could prevent a tooth from becoming infected. 

Can I just have my infected tooth pulled? 

You could, but we always recommend saving a tooth whenever possible. This is because leaving a gap in your mouth can cause your other teeth to shift out of place and tooth replacement options are costly. Endodontic treatment is the preferable option to save your tooth. 

Why do I need to see an endodontist?

Basic root canal procedures can often be performed by your general dentist. But if you need retreatment or you have a complex endodontic situation, you may need the expertise of a specialist. 

Is endodontic treatment covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans cover endodontic treatment up to a certain percentage. This is because most endodontic procedures are preventive or restorative to save the tooth and prevent the need for replacement. The best way to confirm what your plan covers is to contact your insurance provider. 

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