Welcome to Advanced Endodontics

New patients often comment about how friendly our team is, and we are proud of our ability to help every person who steps through our door feel comfortable and relaxed. We make sure all our patients are fully informed and understand all their options. We believe this helps empower you to make better decisions for your health and wellbeing.

Once you are ready to join our family of patients, call us at 352.404.5550 to schedule your appointment today. We are always accepting New Patients & cannot wait to meet you!

Preparation For Your First Visit:

At Advanced Endodontics, we want all our patients to have the information they need to ensure that their experience is as comfortable as possible. If you are visiting Advanced Endodontics for the first time, fill out the new patient registration by logging into our secure Patient Portal using your unique User ID and Password provided. You may complete these comfortably and at your own pace at home. Filling out the forms in advance allows you to save time when you come in for your appointment and avoid forgetting any important information.

If you have questions about these forms, do not hesitate to call the office at 352.404.5550 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Please alert us if you require special accommodations for the following:

  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions that require pre-medication (i.e. heart condition, joint replacement, etc.) *Pre-medication is when your doctor instructs you to take 2g of an antibiotic 1 hour prior to your dental appointment.
  • Taking a contraceptive
  • Take medication for anxiety
  • If you are anxious and would like sedation, we have 2 options: Nitrous or Oral Sedation.

Your First Visit: What To Expect

From the moment you step into our office, our welcoming team will help you feel comfortable. We like to greet our patients by name and will take time to get to know you better!

During your visit, our caring dentists will use the latest technology to assess your overall health and oral hygiene. We’ll listen to your health concerns and goals, answer any questions, and explain all your options. You’ll love our friendly, relaxing environment, personable approach, and high-tech, minimally invasive techniques.

Based on the health of your teeth and gums, we will create a customized treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Before Treatment

We want you to keep your healthy and natural teeth for as long as possible. If the decay cannot be stopped in time, a root canal may be the best option to restore your health. When this is the case, with a high-tech approach and extra attention to your comfort, we’ll take care of your infected tooth and restore its health. 

While your endodontic procedure will be performed using local anesthesia, we find one of the biggest fears about endodontic treatment is the initial pain of the anesthetic injection. Therefore, we first apply a topical numbing agent to the area, and use a DentalVibe, which provides a gentle vibration at the site of the injection. This movement confuses the brain and distorts your perception of discomfort. Further, the vibration helps to disperse the anesthesia, which helps it work even faster. Before you know it, you’ll be numb and on your way home with a healthy smile. 

We also offer nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation options to maintain your comfort throughout the procedure, as well as several other various amenities.

After Treatment

As part of your root canal procedure, you’ll work together with your general dentist to plan how they’ll restore the natural appearance and function of the tooth. This will often be a crown or other cosmetic restoration.

A record of your treatment will be sent to your general dentist. Return to your general dentist for a permanent restoration of the tooth immediately, but in no case longer than 30 days. Then your tooth will likely function just like any other tooth for the rest of your life, ensuring comfortable chewing and a natural appearance!

Typically, there are no restrictions on your regular prescription medication after treatment, but your doctor will let you know if otherwise. You will also be given instructions on post-treatment dental hygiene, including brushing, flossing and foods to avoid, if any. Antibiotic medication is also commonly prescribed.

Payment Options

A lot of patients assume that because we offer a high-end, top-quality experience that our treatment options are out of reach for them, financially. Fortunately, we’re able to make things happen for patients that they never believed were possible. There are many ways for us to make your dental treatment plan work in your lifestyle. We partner with well-known companies who offer great financing options so you can achieve the smile of your dreams. Our Treatment Coordinators are dedicated to reviewing these options with you.

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