Famous People from Orlando Florida




Famous People from Orlando, FL

Famous People from Orlando, FL

Orlando Florida is home to quite a number of celebrities including renowned actors, actresses, basketball players, baseball players, entrepreneurs, politicians, models, singers, songwriters, and so many others from different spheres. Our list below shows some of the most famous people from the city:

Wesley is a globally recognized actor who was born in Orlando, FL. In addition to acting, he is also a producer, author, and martial artist. Snipes is best known for his outstanding roles in films such as “White Men Can’t Jump”, “New Jump City” as well as the “Blade” movie trilogy.

Originally from West Palm Beach, Alexander moved to Orlando in 1990 as a teenager. He moved here with his mother and grandmother in a bid to pursue his acting and singing career. Alexander is mostly famous for being one of the 5 members of the singing group “Backstreet Boys”. After a successful career with the team, AJ McLean, the name that he is best known by, decided to work on a solo career.

While Jack was born in Massachusetts, this American novelist and poet actually spent a good part of his early life in Florida’s Orlando. As a matter of fact, Kerouac wrote his most famous bestseller “The Dharma Bums” while staying at College Park, one of the most decent neighborhoods in Orlando.

Jonathan is a well-renowned American musician, actor, and author who was born in the city of Orlando, FL. Jackson is mostly known for participating in the film “Everlasting”. Some other television shows that put him in the limelight include “Nashville” and “General Hospital”.

While Brady is originally from Columbus, he grew up in the city of Orlando, being raised by his grandmother and aunt. Brady’s rise to stardom started from his time at the Orlando SAK Comedy Lab. He later appeared as a guest actor on “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” Wayne is also renowned for his incredible work as a host of the show “Let’s Make A Deal”.

Warren is a famous sportsman known for his performance as a defensive lineman/tackle in the National Football League (NFL). Sapp is originally from Orlando, his birth town. Some of his achievements during his career include being listed in The Hall of Fame, being a Pro-Bowl alum as well as being the 2002 Super Bowl Champion. He played for the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1995 to 2007.

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