Our practice is constantly growing and thriving. Advanced Endodontics is a first class Endo Specialist Office with a vision to deliver exceptional care to our patients. Therefore we are regularly holding hiring events to expand our team as needed. If there is a current hiring event in progress, it will be listed below. If not, check back with us soon, as we likely will be holding one in the near future.

Position Descriptions with Advanced Endodontics

  • Patient Liaison

    Patient Liasons are the face of the company with our patients. You are the first smile they see when they cross our threshold. The patient liaison’s job is to be a liason for our patients every step of the way through their treatment. You are welcoming, warm and inviting. You will assist patients with their paperwork, and be detail oriented as to make sure all the fine details of the medical history is in order. You have excellent communication skills to relay any necessary information to the clinical team about your patients. You will be highly accomodating to our patients, making sure that they have beverages if needed, entertainment during their procedure, and any necessary amenities to make their time with us very comfortable. You also ensure that patients understand their finances and are responsible for collecting payment. An outstanding greeter runs the office, and knows where everyone is at all times, patients and team members included. You are the major point of communication and ensure that the day runs smoothly.

  • Call Specialist

    You are the very first point of contact for all patients. You will be the warm and welcoming voice on the other end of the phone call and you will be trained to be an expert at helping patients schedule appointments quickly and efficiently and managing the schedule with precision. You are a major source of communication throughout the entire company, coordinating with multiple offices from your desk, all day. You are highly structured and detail oriented, being sure to capture a lot of information, very quickly in a short 2-4 minute phone call.

  • Clinical Liason

    The clinical liason is a clinical expert. This person must be a CDA or EFDA, in order to have the proper clinical knowledge to assist patients and other dental offices with complicated and diverse clinical questions. These questions can range from details about the procedure in office, post-operative instructions, return appointments, prescriptions, etc. This person must be a wealth of clinical knowledge, and particularly having expertise about the procedures performed in-office. This person also has a great deal of familiarity with local dentists, and deals with them directly, both over the phone, via mail, and report creation. This position is typically promoted from within, taken from our current assisting team.

  • Sterile Technician

    This is a fun and exciting position open to anyone, regardless of whether or not they have clinical experience. If you are an exceptionally hard worker and wish to start a career in the dental field working with patients, and eventually becoming a dental assistant; this is the job for you. The sterile tech learns all the ins and outs of what it takes to make root canals happen. They learn all of the sterilization and organization of the procedures before ever touching a patient. They will learn how the inner workings of the patient flow runs, by assisting in the setup and breakdown of treatment rooms. They learn the fine details about every single instrument used in the root canal process down to the numerous files that it takes to complete treatment successfully. If you want to be a dental assistant and have zero experience, apply for one of our dental assisting jobs, and we will determine whether we think you have the drive and determination to learn the dental field on-the-job while working in our office.

  • Dental Assistant

    You are the masters of the root canal procedure and microsurgeries. We joke that our dental assistants could do root canals themselves. You will work side by side with our amazing team of doctors to perform root canals seamlessly and quickly. You will learn how to read your doctor’s mind, because you will understand treatment so thoroughly that you know what they need every step of the way. You become good friends with every patient who comes in, and are empathetic with their fears, and in tune with their needs. You are the most pivotal person in the visit next to the doctor. Your guidance and comfort is essential to a successful 5 Star visit with our patients.

  • Floor Manager

    This person is an EFDA with a great deal of experience in the clinical side of the dental office. You understand patient flow, and know exactly how to get patients in and out in the most timely manner. You are confident in your instruction and work side-by-side with Greeters to ensure that the doctors and team stay on time. You are calm under pressure, direct traffic, and ensure a smooth stress-free day. This person is a major team player, and helps wherever is needed to speed things up if necessary. This person is usually a team leader, or potential team leader, and is typically promoted from within.

  • Insurance Coordinator

    This is a person who is familiar with insurance. You spend your entire day speaking with and dealing with insurance personnel and handling the grueling process of getting specific and detailed information about each and every patient’s insurance plans so-as to properly estimate their co-pay for their visit. This is a challenging position and prior insurance knowledge is a must. Without this knowledge beforehand, you will have to be promoted into this area of the company after learning about insurance on the job in another position, ideally as a call specialist first. This is a great position for people who are highly organized and love attention to detail.

  • Financial Coordinator

    This person is a jack of all trades. This person is generally promoted from within because they already have the knowledge required to handle this multifaceted position. The FC knows the greeter, call specialist, and insurance coordinator positions and is their back-up. They assist the Financial Team Leader with insurance claims and other in-depth financial demands within the office. This person is highly organized, able to prioritize and multi-task, and has a great deal of knowledge and familiarity with a wide range of dental knowledge.

  • Marketing Assistant

    This person is the assistant to the Marketing Director. They are the person who works in the background of the marketing machine; creating marketing pieces for mailers and newsletters, managing spreadsheets and extensive data, dealing with vendors and ordering, etc. They also help the marketing director and/or marketers to get their deliveries out each week while tracking the spending and cost analyzing. They help plan events, and are the rarely seen but essential part of the marketing team.

  • Marketer

    This person is one of the faces of the company. You spend a great deal of your time representing the company on a face-to-face basis, building relationships, and spreading awareness about our company and what we stand for. You are a testament to our core values; Innovation, Service, Education, Generosity, Fun, and Gratitude. You understand just how special our business is, and you translate that far and wide for others to see so that they might make the choice to try our office out and find out exactly how wonderful the things are that we do here. You are responsible for demonstrating the value that comes with a visit to our office. You must be the creative engine that drives this company.

  • Team Leader

    There are multiple team leaders throughout the company: Marketing TL, Financial TL, Clinical TL, Assistant TL, Front Desk TL, Insurance TL, etc.
    These positions are always promoted from within, however we are a company that believes in leadership and not managers (managers = adult babysitters). We expect all of our team members to be self-managing. There is no time limit to joining leadership in the company; we are always watching for the potential and invest highly in our leadership team (sending them to Atlanta, GA 4+ times a year for training). If you are a natural-born leader or strongly desire the opportunity to find a position of leadership in the dental field – then this is an excellent company for you full of potential for leadership and growth.


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