Advanced Technology

There have been many advancements in dental technology, making endodontic procedures safe, more efficient and precise. At Advanced Endodontics, our facilities are equipped with the latest technology that offers quicker processing, enhanced visibility and increased patient comfort. Rest assured that our skilled and experienced endodontic team takes full advantage of innovations like these to provide our patients with exceptional, world-class care and comfort!

Surgical Microscope

Our surgical microscope is an amazing tool that enables us to completely remove infected tissue from inside your tooth. We use this microscope on every root canal we perform to ensure accurate, long lasting treatments. It provides a precise, clear view of the small operating area so we are able to effectively clear, fill, and reseal the tooth. This tool has elevated our level of care and helped provide thousands of successful, long-lasting root canals.

Apex Locator

Our apex locator enables us to determine the length of your tooth root. This tool measures resistance and impedance of the root to provide us with enough information to accurately determine where the root canal space ends. Because of the accuracy of the apex locator, we don’t need to take as many radiographs to perform a successful, informed procedure.


A 3D Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (3D CBCT) is an amazing, specialized type of radiography that provides more information than conventional dental or facial radiographs. This computerized scan uses a motorized arm that rotates 360-degrees around your head while capturing multiple images from different angles that are then reconstructed to generate three-dimensional (3D) images.

This allows for a more precise diagnosis and provides 3D images of dental structures, soft tissues, nerve paths and bone which are considerably more detailed than conventional two-dimensional dental radiographs. CBCT scans are commonly used to evaluate the position of teeth, bone structure, jaw joints, the airway, or to aid in the accurate placement of implants, surgical planning, orthodontic evaluations, and complex root canal diagnosis. It can show us exactly which root has an infection, as well as the location of canal orifices, if it exists. It can also help us identify root resorption, internal or external, and the location of such resorption.

Digital Radiography

Digital radiography has enabled us to reduce radiation in our office by more than 80%. This technology renders digital versions of your x-rays and enables us to zoom in and inspect abnormalities in great detail before we begin performing your root canal.


One of the biggest fears about root canals is the initial pain of anesthetic injection. We have a solution for that. The DentalVibe provides gentle vibration at the site of the injection, this movement confuses the brain and distorts your perception of discomfort. Further, the vibration helps to disperse the anesthesia, which helps it work even faster. Before you know it, you’ll be numb and on your way home with a healthy smile.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you’re anxious about your treatment, we offer nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, to help calm your nerves. If you are interested, we’ll go over your medical history to make sure nitrous oxide sedation is a good option to help comfort you during your procedure.

In-Chair Entertainment

Movies and music have a way of calming anxiety and distracting fear. We have a wide selection of movies and music for you to watch and listen to while we perform your root canal. Because it’s all about your comfort, we can also stream your movies and music during your procedure.