For a contagious smile, teeth are an integral part of our existence. But apart from this, chewing food also requires you to maintain a better dental hygiene. That’s why taking care of our teeth is essential. But just in case a toothache gets in your way, we have a solution!

Tooth pain comes in three different phases which are a chain of reactions that we deliver against dealing with an ailment. Those phases are:

First: Living Through The Pain Thinking It Will Go Away

It is a natural human tendency to live with an ailment (a toothache) assuming that it might go away within a few hours or days. We keep on delaying, and the pain lasts for weeks together. But least do we know that assumption is the mother of destruction. And later we realize that something more than just hoping needs to be done!

Second: Trying Home Remedies

The second phase arises when we choose to cure the ailment (a toothache) when anticipation doesn’t work. We opt for distinctive home remedies and convert our kitchens into mini dispensaries.

Third: Visiting A Dentist

At the end when not even a single thing gives relief, we understand that it’s too late and now is the time to face the dentist!

But usually, when a toothache stays for a few days, we choose to cure it with home remedies and in a majority of cases, they provide absolute comfort. So, until you see the dentist, they may have partly solved your issues. Therefore, here are 7 home remedies which may help you in relieving toothache to an extent where ice creams and hot chocolate coffee won’t just seem to be a fantasy!

How To Deal With Toothache At Home – 7 Effective Home Remedies

#1. Ice

Take an ice pack and put it on your cheek, over the troubled tooth. You can also numb the aching tooth by placing an ice cube over the teeth covered in a plastic or thin cloth.


#2. Clove Oil

Here’s a tried and tested natural home remedy since ages. Either you can use the clove oil and rub it directly on the aching tooth and gums. Or just keep a grain of clove pressed in between the afflicted tooth.


#3. Salt Water

In a cup of boiling water dissolve a teaspoon of salt, to create your own pain-killing mouthwash. Swish it in your mouth for around 30 seconds and then spit it out. This helps to draw out some of the inflammation causing fluid to treats your sore tooth. Repeat this as often as you want!


#4. Oil Pulling

This again is a helpful remedy where you just need to swirl some sunflower or sesame oil in your mouth to cure the pain. This solution is efficient enough to even treat gingivitis.


#5. Garlic

Crush a few garlic cloves to release allicin which has anti-inflammatory properties. If your child is the one suffering from a toothache, then heal it with this method. It is safe and must be chewed.


#6. Licorice Root

Make use of the licorice roots to help relieve the pain in the tooth. Chewing this completely halts tooth decaying along with cleansing the mouth properly.


#7. Camphor

You can treat your toothache with nonsynthetic camphor. Just place an edible cube over the troubled tooth and let it sit for some time. This provides you with a long lasting effect. But make sure to not do this in the case of a cavity.


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